Fairy Cels~




So I can’t sleep tonight and I started thinking. Typical. Just thinking about how much I’d wish to be right now with him. But those fucking kilometres are still there.

I’m too shy for this stuff, that’s maybe why I can’t say to him how I love him as much as I’d want, but it’s okay, I know he knows it, and if he doesn’t know it he will. *WhatsApp stalker moon*.

I truly think I couldn’t be luckier right now. I’m with a perfect boy, we’ve spent perfect days together and we’ll spent better days. Maybe there’s distance between us, a really big one, but this just will make us stronger. If we can with this, we’ll can with everything.

So that’s all, I just wanted to say that I love you too much and that I really wish I was holding your hand tonight. I just feel complete when you’re by my side.

-To my half watermelon-

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